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Optimization Via Numerical Simulation of Physical Parameters for DH-GaAs Lasers
Yahia Gacemi and Ali Cheknane

This paper is focused on the determination of the parameters of AlxGa1–xAs/GaAs/AlxGa1–xAs double heterostructure-based laser diodes to further improve the device performance. Thus, we will deal with the optimization of the physical parameters, namely the intrinsic loss parameter, the threshold current density, the aluminium concentration, the refractive index, the confinement factor, the active layer thickness, and the optical gain. Furthermore, this study introduces the optical and electrical mechanisms observed in such diodes. A software implementation of models into Matlab/Simulink environment is used to show the optimized device design.

Keywords: Simulation, confinement, losses, DH laser, simulink, GaAs/GaAlAs.

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