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FGMOS Based Low-Voltage Tunable Floating Resistor
Maneesha Gupta and Rishikesh Pandey

In this paper, a new Floating Gate MOSFET (FGMOS) based low-voltage tunable floating resistor is presented. The proposed circuit can be used as a positive or a negative resistor by changing the bias voltages applied at the source terminals of the transistors. The resistance value of the proposed resistor is independent of the threshold voltages of the transistors. The proposed resistor operates at the supply voltages of ±0.75 V. It is simple, compact and accurate with low power dissipation of 0.876 mW. The standby current of the proposed circuit is less than 65 μA. The paper presents the potential of FGMOS for the design of high performance low power/low voltage analog and mixed signal circuits. The proposed circuit has been simulated to validate the theoretical results using SPICE in 0.25-μm CMOS technology.

Keywords: Floating gate MOSFETs, resistor, low-voltage, low power, analog signal processing, SPICE

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