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A Programmable Beamforming Network for Adaptive Arrays Applications
Stelios A. Mitilineos, Konstantinos S. Mougiakos, Ioannis G. Lampropoulos, Maria D. Kordoni and Christos N. Capsalis

Wireless networks are facing ever-growing demands on their spectrum and infrastructure resources nowadays, as high data-rate services and applications push networks to their limits. Adaptive antennas are considered to be a key technology and one of the leading innovations for achieving highly efficient networks that maximize capacity and improve quality and coverage. A programmable beamforming network for adaptive arrays applications is proposed herein, which is highly versatile and can be used in a variety of smart antennas applications. A thorough analysis of the array’s electronic components, including specifications considerations, system architecture, part selection and circuit analysis is presented.

Keywords: Multipath Fading, Adaptive arrays, Programmable beamforming network, WLAN.

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