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A Novel Scheme To Implement Ideal Filter Functions
N. A. Shah, F. A. Khanday an d A. B. Sheikh

In this paper a novel scheme for the implementation of ideal lowpass (LP) and highpass (HP) filtering functions is presented. The principle of the scheme is to cut-off the output at the desired frequency. The scheme has been extended to realize ideal bandpass (BP) and bandstop (BS) signals as well. The scheme and its derived version, make available allpass (AP) signal with phase of -2atan (ωRC). The scheme besides enjoying several salient features vis-à-vis the reported schemes is in total contrast with them in its idea. The scheme has been simulated using PSPICE to check its workability.

Keyword: Analog integrated circuits, higher order filters, ideal filter responses, generic filter functions, continuous–time circuits, analog signal processing circuits.

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