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Current-Mode High Output Impedance Oscillator Using FTFNs
Syed Zaffer Iqbal

A new current-mode (CM) high output impedance oscillator having facility of varying the oscillation frequency through a single grounded resistor which can be made voltage/current dependent is presented. The circuit employs two each of four terminal floating nullors (FTFNs), capacitors, and resistors and provides current at high impedance thereby obviating the need of additional buffers which are otherwise required. The frequency of oscillation and condition of oscillation are controllable in non-interacting manner. Through RC: CR transformation, a single capacitor controlled oscillator is derived. The sensitivity figures are 1/2 in magnitude. Theoretical analysis is verified with PSPICE simulation.

Keywords: Continuous CM circuits, high impedance, SRCO, FTFNs.

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