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Current-Mode Multifunction Filter Using Single Multi-Output Current Amplifier
Norbert Herencsar, Jaroslav Koton, Ivo Lattenberg and Kamil Vrba

In this paper a new topology of current-mode multifunction frequency filters employing a single Multi-Output Current Amplifier (MOCA) is shown. The general method of filter design using an MOCA amplifier, when the initial design starts from a simple autonomous circuit, is shown. The design of internal transistor structure of the MOCA, which comes out from the internal structure of the second-generation current-conveyor (CCII+/-), is presented. It is used for the implementation of the proposed multifunction filter. The properties of the proposed second-order multifunction filter were subjected to a theoretical analysis using signal-flow graphs and AC analysis using the PSPICE software.

Keywords: Current-mode circuit, Multifunction filter, Multi-Output Current Amplifier (MOCA), MO-CCII+/-, Signal-Flow graph

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