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MOCCCII-based Function Generator with Grounded Passive Components
Nigar Minhaj

A function generator is proposed using second generation current controlled current conveyors (CCCIIs) – based translinear-C third-order sinusoidal quadrature oscillator as a starting block. Then all the CCCIIs of quadrature oscillator are replaced by multi output current-controlled current conveyors (MOCCCIIs) with additional two grounded resistors and a MOCCCII-based integrator to obtain the MOCCCII-based function generator. The complete proposed circuit can simultaneously provide four quadrature sinusoidal voltage outputs, four quadrature sinosoidal current outputs, square and triangular voltage outputs.The circuit also has the attractive features such as load insensitive current outputs, low sensitive figures and use of grounded passive components. The proposed circuit is designed and verified using Spice simulation.

Keywords: Current conveyors, oscillators, function generators

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