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Multifunction Voltage-Mode Filter Based on CDTAs
N. A. Shah, Muna zah Quadri an d S. Z. Iqbal

A new voltage-mode (VM) multifunction filter based on and employing two current differencing transconductance amplifiers (CDTA), two capacitors and two resistors is presented. The circuit can realize lowpass (LP), highpass (HP), bandpass (BP) notch, and allpass signals from the same configuration. The pole frequency ωo is electronically tunable through transconductance gains whereas quality factor Q can be controlled by a resistor independently of ωo. The output being available at z-terminal offers low impedance thus providing cascadibility feature to the circuit. The active and passive sensitivities are low. PSPICE simulated results are included to verify the theoretical results.

Keywords: Current differencing transconductance amplifier, Voltage-mode circuits, filters.

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