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Performance Comparison of Routing Schemes Supporting Data Fusion in Wireless Sensor Networks
Sachin S. Sharma and Dharmendra Kumar

Unlike conventional networks data gathered from wireless sensor networks in physical proximity tend to exhibit strong relation between them. To overcome this and hence curtail the load in wireless sensor networks with a goal to conserve energy, effective in-network fusion schemes have been extensively proposed in the literature. To this end, routing schemes supporting data fusion are extremely important as they dictate where and when sensory data streams shall intersect with each other and thus fusion will be performed.

In this paper we briefly articulate this problem and classify recently proposed routing schemes supporting data fusion in wireless sensor networks into three categories: routing-driven, coding-driven, and fusion driven. We also give an overview of various algorithms in each category by summarizing their design approaches, benefits, and drawbacks.

Keywords: Routing schemes, data fusion, wireless sensor network

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