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Low-Voltage Tunable Reciprocal Circuit Using FGMOS Technique
Maneesha Gupta and Rishikesh Pandey

In the present day scenario, the trend towards low-voltage / low-power integrated circuits is gaining importance due to increased demand of smaller size and longer battery life for portable applications. In this paper, a new floating-gate MOSFET (FGMOS) based low-voltage tunable reciprocal circuit is presented. Using the proposed circuit as a basic building block, we have developed current-to-voltage converter. The proposed circuits are simulated using SPICE in 0.5-μm CMOS process technology. The reciprocal circuit operates at the supply voltages of ±0.75 V and the power dissipation is found to be 0.137 mW. The current-to-voltage converter operates with a single supply voltage of 0.9 V and the power dissipation is found to be 0.012 mW. SPICE simulation results of the proposed circuits have been presented to validate the effectiveness of the proposed circuits.

Keywords: Current-to-voltage converter, Floating gate MOSFETs, low-voltage, reciprocal circuit, SPICE.

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