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Current/Voltage-Mode Biquad with a Minimum Number of Active and Passive Elements
Mohd Amin Malik and Bavnaish Chand

A novel configuration for realizing current /voltage-mode (CM/VM) filters having a single input and two outputs is presented. The circuit is based on a single FTFN and four passive components and simultaneously realizes two different filtering functions. The CM circuit can realise LP and HP responses from which notch response can also be obtained while VM topology supports lowpass (LP), bandpass (BP) and highpass (HP) filtering responses. The bandwidth w0/Q and cutoff frequency w0 are orthogonally tunable. The circuit has low sensitivity figures. A slight modification of the circuit in CM has also been achieved to obtain three basic filtering responses simultaneously. Simulated results are also presented.

Keywords: Four terminal floating nullor, current-mode filter, voltage-mode filter.

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