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On Oscillator Circuits Using Two Output CCII, DVCC and FDCCII
Ahmed M. Soliman

Eight oscillator circuits using two-output Current Conveyors (CCII) are given. The reported oscillators are employing grounded passive elements and have independent control on the condition of oscillation and on the frequency of oscillation. Six of the reported oscillators are new. Eight oscillator circuits using the Differential Voltage Current Conveyor (DVCC) are also given. Two of the reported oscillators are equivalent to the two known Fully Differential Current Conveyor (FDCCII) based oscillators. Three of the proposed oscillators are new. The eight DVCC oscillators are the adjoint of the two output CCII oscillators as demonstrated in Table 1. Simulation results to confirm theoretical analysis are included.

Keywords: Oscillators, DVCC, FDCCII

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