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Physical Analysis of FLIMOSFET Interelectrode Capacitances
A. Galadi, F. Morancho and B. Hajji

The power FLIMOSFET (“FLoating Islands MOSFET”) structure is one of the well-known MOSFET configurations proposed to reduce conduction losses in power MOS devices. The vertical FLIMOSFET offers a better trade-off between breakdown voltage and specific on-resistance compared to the conventional VDMOSFET. The improvement of this trade-off was obtained by inserting one (or several) floating island(s) in the epitaxial layer of a conventional VDMOS transistor. In this paper, the impact of the P floating islands on the interelectrode capacitances of the FLIMOS structure with a single floating island is proposed. Then, the interelectrode capacitances of VDMOS and FLIMOS transistors are compared and discussed.

Keywords: VDMOSFET, FLIMOSFET, P-floating layer, breakdown voltage, specific on-resistance, interelectrode capacitances

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