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An Automatic Spiral Inductor Design Methodology Based on Triangularity of Q-curve for RFIC
Chih-Yuan Lee

This study proposed a triangularity Q-curve (TQ) design methodology, combined with a simplified equivalent circuit model with closed form expression, to quickly achieve an automation design of an optimized integrated spiral inductor. The enumeration design fulfills all the structures of 1.5 nH to obtain a unique relationship between the Q-curve and triangle characteristics, and could be used as a constraint condition for the characteristics of an optimized spiral inductor. The TQ design method obtains almost the same optimal structural characteristic as the enumeration method, but it reduced the time needed by half. Meanwhile, with the constraints of multi-objective conditions based on physics, the characteristics of the designed spiral inductor could be close to the process limits and meet optimization requirements.

Keywords: Automatic Design, TQ, and RFIC

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