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Carbon Nanotube Transistor CNTFET: Comparative Study Between Compact Model and Fettoy Simulator
Abdellah Aouaj and Ahmed Bouziane

The carbon nanotube transistor (CNTFET) are currently considered among the most promising component to replace the generation of MOSFET transistor, in order to surpass the short channel effects in the component.

For this new generation of transistor (CNTFET) with very short channel, the majority of models describing electric conduction is based on the process of ballistic transport.

In this work, we present a qualitative comparison between two different models: the Fettoy simulator based on the approach of Natori and the compact model describing ballistic transport in CNTFET. We are interested more particularly to the drain current and the quantum capacitance as a function of the gate voltage VGS for various values of the nanotube diameter and the oxide thickness.

Keywords: CNTFET, Fettoy simulator, Compact model, I-V and C-V

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