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Studies on Stability Characterstics of Pvc-Graphite Thick Film Resistors
B. Poornaiah, B. Rambabu, K.V. Subrahmanyam and Y. Srinivasa Rao

The stability characteristics of PVC- Graphite thick film resistors both in terms of short and long term drifts have been evaluated by conducting experiments in terms of the percentage variation of resistance, TCR measurements, long term storage tests, thermal cycling and humidity tests and the effect of grain size and composition of conducting particles on the stability characteristics of polymer thick film resistors also have been evaluated. It has been found that 40%: 60% PVC- Graphite thick film resistors shown the smallest variation which can be attributed to the high concentration of PVC.

Keywords: Polymer Resistors, Thick Films, Stability, Drift, Composition, Humidity

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