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Unique Determination of the Illuminated Solar Cell electrical Parameters
A. Jarray, M. Abdelkrim, M. Bouchiba, A. Boukricha nd J-P. Charles

We present in this work an original method for the determination of the authenticity and the uniqueness of the descriptive electrical parameters values of a solar cell one diode model, under specified illumination and temperature conditions. We assume that the maximum current and the voltage values and the slopes of the I-V curve at the end-points (Voc, 0) and (0, Isc) are given (at least experimentally). We prove an explicit form of the Shockley’s modified I-V relation (using the Lambert W-function). We determine a system of equations which solution is the values of descriptive parameters. We use two different numerical methods for determining the existence and uniqueness of the previous system solution. We conclude our work by showing through different tables the accuracy of our theoretical results.

Keywords: Solar cell model; electrical parameters; electrical characterization; Lambert Function.

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