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Design of Low-voltage Sinh-domain n-th Order Multifunction FLF Filter Topology for EEG Signal
Farooq A. Khanday, Costas Psychalinos and Nisar A. Shah

A novel low-voltage n-th order Follow the Leader Feedback (FLF) multifunction filter topology, realized by employing the concept of Sinh-Domain filtering, is introduced in this manuscript. The realization of the Sinh-Domain filter topology is achieved by utilizing the corresponding FLF conventional topology and performing a transposition into Sinh-Domain, through an appropriate set of complementary operators. The design offers the benefit of absence of any restriction concerning the order of the Sinh-Domain multifunction filter. As an example, a 5th-order Sinh-Domain multifunction filter is designed for EEG signal recognition. Simulation results for the filter have shown a dynamic range (DR) of 68.82 dB and power consumption 25.2 nW.

Keywords: Analogue Integrated Circuits, Continuous-time filters, Analog filters, Companding filters, Sinh-Domain filters, Biomedical Electronics

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