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Current Mode High Q Band-Pass Filter Using Plus Type CCIIs and Grounded Capacitors Only
Jai Parkash and Pradeep Kumar

A new current mode (CM) high Q band pass filter using current conveyors (CCII+) is presented in this paper. The proposed configuration employ two plus type second generation current conveyors, four resistors and two grounded capacitors. The quality factor (Q) is independently controlled through single grounded resistor. In addition both CCII+ can be easily replaceable through translinear current conveyor (CCCII+)/CFA, hence Q of the band pass filter function can be controlled through bias current I0. The circuit employs grounded capacitors, which makes it suitable for IC implementation. The use of only plus type CCIIs makes the circuit more attractive as one can use current feedback operational amplifiers in place of CCII+ which is available in IC package termed as AD-844. The circuit demonstrates low active and passive sensitivity performance. The simulated results are found in good agreement with the theoretical predictions.

Keywords: Active filter, current mode circuits, band pass filter, current conveyor, translinear current conveyor.

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