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Suppression of Photonic Band Gap in Hetero-structure of PZT Ceramic with Nonlinear Photonic crystals
Sanjay Srivastava

In this paper we investigate the nonlinear behavior of Chalcogenide glasses and also report the measurement of nonlinear refractive of amorphous Ge20Se70-xIn10Bix with varying percentage of Bi in the matrix. The nonlinear refractive index and Wample-Di Domenico parameters were used for the determination of nonlinear refractive index in the uv-visible region to microwave light. It is observed that the nonlinear refractive index increase with increase the linear refractive index. Third order optical nonlinear susceptibility (χ(3)) has also been evaluated from changes of index of refraction using Wang approximation. The addition of Bi in the matrix affects the nonlinear refractive index. In this case we also studied the band structure of the Chalcogenide glasses by using the Bloch theorem. The propagation of electromagnetic wave within the materials depends upon the choosing the nature of the materials. Hetero-structure of PZT ceramic with nonlinear materials shows the good results for the propagation of electromagnetic wave by the suppression of Photonic band gap or overlapping of the band gap. Hetero-structure is more sensitive to propagate the wave as compared to Chalcogenide glasses itself.

Keywords: Amorphous glass, Ge20Se70-xIn10Bix Non-linear refractive index, PZT thin film on Chalcogenide glasses, Bloch Theorem, Wample-Di Domenico parameters

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