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A Low Cost Experimental Study on a New Intelligent Scheme to Sense Temperature, Force, Light and Relative Humidity in 555 Timer Circuit
W. Abd El-Basit

The present paper was concerned with the design and application of a novel electronic system based on the well-known NE-555 timers. The proposed system was proved to be very useful for direct measurements of some commonly used physical quantities such as temperature, force, light and relative humidity. The measured quantities were shown to be in the laboratory range, i.e., from -60 °C up to 60 °C, from 0 gm up to 300 gm; from 0 lux up to 13,000 lux; and from 21.0 % up to 88.0 %, respectively. Finally, theoretical and experimental results were shown to be in close agreement.

Keywords: Non-linear Resistors, NE-555 timer, Light intensity, Humidity, Temperature, Electrical devices, Frequency meter circuit, and Astable multivibrators

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