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Performance Analysis of Orthogonal Space–Time Block Codes for Wireless Communication Systems
Vibhav Kumar Sachan and Syed Akhtar Imam

The paper presents design and analysis of orthogonal space time block codes which provide a new concept for transmission over Rayleigh fading channels using multiple transmit antennas and single receive antenna. Data is encoded using an orthogonal space–time block code, and the encoded data is split into n streams which are simultaneously transmitted using n transmit antennas. In the structure, the noise added by the channel is considered as additive white Gaussian noise. The system performance is evaluated using the Maximum likelihood (ML) decoding. Numerical and simulation results show that orthogonal space time block codes exhibits significant performance improvement over Alamouti STBC, especially in interference limited conditions.

Keywords: Orthogonal Space–Time Block Codes (OSTBC), Bit error rate (BER), Maximum likelihood (ML) decoding, Diversity, multiple input/multiple output (MIMO)

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