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0.35μm CMOS Technology Based Active-C Voltage Mode Third Order Band Pass Filter
Ashish Ranjan and Saul K. Paul

In this paper a voltage mode active-c third order band pass filter using single dual output current controlled current conveyor (DOCCCII), two current controlled current conveyors (CCCIIs) and three equal valued grounded capacitors is proposed. The theoretical results are verified with PSPICE simulation using 0.35μm AMS CMOS Technology. Frequency response, time response and total harmonic distortion for the presented filter are shown in this paper. The proposed filter offers the following important features: use of minimum number of current controlled current conveyors (CCCIIs) and passive components, no matching constraint, use of all grounded capacitors suitable for integration, cut off frequency can easily be electronically adjusted, absence of external resistor which is suitable for IC Design.

Keywords: Analog filters, Active-C filter, Third Order Voltage Mode Filter, CCCII

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