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Fabrication Possibilities of Metal Source/drain Schottky FETs Using Wet Chemical Etching Technique on P-type (100) Silicon
A. Sadiqa, S. Naseem and F. Iqbal

The Schottky source/drain field effect transistor was fabricated, structural and electrical behavior was investigated and different device parameters were determined. Wet chemical etching technique was used to form the desired structure on the face of the silicon wafer. Structural characterization includes examination of wafer with profilometer and optical microscope at different magnifications. Titanium metal in pure form was evaporated source and drain of FET to form Schottky contacts. Current- Voltage (C-V) and Capacitance-voltage (I-V) measurements were performed at different applied drain voltages. The ideality factor yielded by I-V characteristics was 1.18 and barrier heights are 0.49eV and 0.34eV by I-V and C-V curves.

Keywords: Schottky FET, Chemical etching, Electrical characteristics, Titanium metal, Fabrication

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