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Performance Evaluation of FinFET Based 9 Stages Ring Oscillator Using Transmission Gate High Frequency Generation in 45nm
Pavan Shrivastava, Ravindra Singh Kushwah, Manorama and Shyam Akashe

In this paper we present a simple architecture of nine stages FinFET based ring oscillator (RO) using transmission gate at 45nm in Cadence virtuoso tool with wide linear tuning frequency range potentially based on transmission gates. The architecture of optimal analog and mixed (AMS) very large scale integrated circuit (VLSI) is a complicated way to charge for the integrated circuit (IC) designers. Basically, Ring Oscillator is a device which is made up of odd number of NOT gates and the proposed 9 stages FinFET based ring oscillator using transmission gate has higher switching speed and the efficiency as compared to the conventional circuit. The model features of rapid voltage swing and increased 24-27% duty cycle with good transient characteristics which is complex to observe from the conventional or FinFET based Ring Oscillator. By this we can also improve the phase noise by 5-8%.

Keywords: FinFETRing Oscillator, Transmission Gate, Phase Noise, low power, Voltage controlled oscillator, NOT gate.

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