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A Novel Schottky Collector Lateral Bipolar Junction Transistor on Silicon on Insulator
Sajad A. Loan

An important motivation for Schottky collector or metal collector bipolar junction transistors is to overcome the series resistance problem in pure semiconductor base bipolar transistors. The other two advantages of low temperature processing and the absence of dopant fluctuations in the collector region are also a driving force for having Schottky collector bipolar transistors. In this paper, novel multi zone base lateral Schottky collector Bipolar Transistor (SCBT) on multi step buried oxide has been proposed and analyzed. The numerical simulation study of the key characteristics of the proposed devices has been performed using a 2D numerical simulator MEDICI. The simulation study has revealed that the proposed device with two base zones has ~30% higher breakdown voltage than the conventional device. The breakdown voltage increases further by ~75%, when the number of zones in the proposed devices is increased to three from two. The increase in breakdown voltage can be attributed to the creation of extra electric field peaks in extended base region by multi doping zones in the base Further, the substrate region under the collector also shares some of the applied potential and hence increases the breakdown voltage of the device.

Keywords: Schottky collector, multi step, buried oxide, breakdown volatge

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