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Comparative Analysis of MGFETs and Their Logic Implementations for Different Technology Nodes
I. Yaseen, N.A. Kant, Farooq A. Khanday and Costas Psychalinos

Multi-Gate FET (MGFET) device technology is the most promising technology for extending Moore’s Law all the way down to 5nm. Besides being fully compatible with CMOS in both bulk and SOI varieties, MGFET device technology offers excellent solution to the problems of tunneling carriers through ultra-thin gate dielectrics, short-channel effects, degraded sub-threshold performance and eventual quantum-mechanical effects that plagued planar CMOS as it is scaled down towards 20nm. Furthermore, it offers the ability to operate at much lower supply voltages and allows both static and dynamic power savings. In this paper, Common-mode (CM) MGFETs for three technology nodes (32nm, 22nm and 16nm) were simulated using SPICE simulator and compared for various performance characteristics. The variation in performance parameters was studied and compared for Double-Gate (DG), Triple-Gate (TG) and Gate-All-Around (GAA) to verify their scope for analogue and digital applications. In addition, the comparative results and performance parameters of CM MGFETs based logic gates for the three technology nodes are also presented.

Keywords: Multi-Gate FETs, Nanotechnology, Nano-Electronics, Integrated Circuit design.

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