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Design and Simulation of Fuzzy System Using Two Stage CMOS Operational Amplifier
Shruti Jain

In this paper a well defined method for the design of fuzzy system using two-stage CMOS operational amplifier was discussed. Fuzzy system includes fuzzification of the input variables, application of the fuzzy operator (AND or OR) in the antecedent, implication from the antecedent to the consequent, aggregation of the consequents across the rules, and defuzzfication. The fuzzy system (including all blocks) for estimating risk involved in an engineering project has been designed, exhibits a gain of 41.47 dB, input resistance with 6.522KΩ, output resistance with 239Ω, slew rate with 1.0V/μsec, CMRR with 38.39dB and power dissipation with 0.402W.

Keywords: Two stage CMOS operational amplifier, Fuzzy system, Analog circuit, Electrical parameters, SPICE

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