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The Inverse Behavior of a Reversible One-Dimensional Cellular Automaton Obtained by a Single Welch Diagram
Juan Carlos Seck Tuoh Mora, Genaro Juarez Martinez and Harold V. McIntosh

Reversible cellular automata are discrete dynamical systems based on local interactions which are able to produce an invertible global behavior. Reversible automata have been carefully analyzed by means of graph and matrix tools, in particular the extensions of the ancestors in these systems have a complete representation by Welch diagrams. This paper illustrates how the whole information of a reversible one-dimensional cellular automaton is conserved at both sides of the ancestors for sequences with an adequate length. We give this result implementing a procedure to obtain the inverse behavior by means of calculating and studying a single Welch diagram corresponding with the extensions of only one side of the ancestors. This work is a continuation of our study about reversible automata both in the local [15] and global [16] sense. An illustrative example is also presented.

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