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Glider Collisions in Hybrid Cellular Automata Rule 168 and 133
Bo Chen, Fangyue Chen, Junbiao Guan And Qinbin He

In the case of one-dimensional CAs, a hybrid cellular automaton (HCA) is the member whose evolution of the cells is dependent on non-unique global functions. The HCAs exhibit a wide range of traveling and stationary localisations in their evolution. We focus on elementary cellular automata rules 168 and 133 because it produces a host of gliders and complicated glider collisions by introducing the hybrid mechanism. These rules are members of Chua’s periodic rules. We undertake an exhaustive search of gliders and classify their collisions using quantitative approach. Our study results in a framework of glider symbolic dynamics.

Keywords: Hybrid cellular automata; glider; glider collision; symbolic dynamics; chaos.

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