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The fifth (5th) International Workshop on Crowds and Cellular Automata (C&CA) and the third (3rd) International Workshop on Traffic and Cellular Automata (TCA), were organized in the framework of the eleventh edition of ACRI 2014 Conference (Cellular Automata for Research and Industry) in Cracow, Poland.

Following the previous C&CA and TCA editions, which were held in conjunction with ACRI Conferences in Perpignan, France (2006), in Yokohama, Japan (2008), Ascoli Piceno, Italy (2010) and Santorini, Greece (2012), both workshops gathered researchers and practitioners interested in CA-originated modeling and simulation, as well as analysis and practical applications.

The specialization of the C&CA Workshop arrives from researches on complex crowd dynamics (with focus on CA-based simulation methods), while TCA workshop is related to traffic modeling, including city traffic systems, as well as highway traffic.

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