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Propagation of Congestion in TASEP Network
Takahiro Tannai and Katsuhiro Nishinari

Correlation among multiple junctions in some TASEP (Totally Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process) network is not sufficiently studied up to now because of its complexity and lack of analytical tools. In this paper, we consider a simple TASEP network with an aggregation point and a branching point in order to investigate the correlation. Using mean-field approach, it is shown that the aggregation becomes bottleneck in the TASEP network and the branch enables flow of particles to be larger in many cases. Moreover, we discuss the phenomena that the congestion of particles which occurs near the aggregation point propagates to the upstream of the branching point. We have theoretically derived the condition that the propagation of the congestion occurs.

Keywords: TASEP network, network with junctions, effect of aggregation, effect of branching, mean-field approach, effective probability, propagation of congestion

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