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1/f Noise in the Computation Process by Rule 110
Shigeru Ninagawa and Genaro J. Martínez

An elementary cellular automaton rule 110 supports universal computation by emulating cyclic tag system and its evolution starting from random initial configuration exhibits 1/ f noise. In this research we investigate the power spectra of the computation process of rule 110 emulating cyclic tag system. As a result, 1/ f -type power spectra are observed in the most actively interacting area among the whole array, while in the less active area the power spectra exhibit Lorentzian, Brownian or periodic types. These results suggest a possibility that the dynamics accompanied with 1/ f noise and the one capable of performing computation overlap each other in cellular automaton rule space.

Keywords: Rule 110, computational universality, cyclic tag system, 1/f noise, Brownian noise, white noise

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