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k-Mixing Properties of Multidimensional Cellular Automata
Chih-Hung Chang

This paper investigates the k-mixing property of a multidimensional cellular automaton. Suppose F is a cellular automaton with the local rule f defined on a d-dimensional convex hull C which is generated by an apex set C. Then F is k-mixing with respect to the uniform Bernoulli measure for all positive integer k if f is a permutation at some apex in C. An algorithm called the Mixing Algorithm is proposed to verify if a local rule f is permutive at some apex in C. Moreover, the proposed conditions are optimal. An application of this investigation is to construct a multidimensional ergodic linear cellular automaton.

Keywords: Strongly mixing, k-mixing, multidimensional cellular automaton, permutive, surjection

1991 Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary 28D20; Secondary 37B10, 37A05

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