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Topology Control in Underwater Sensor Networks Using Cellular Automata
Eduardo P. M. Câmara Júnior, Luiz F. M. Vieira and Marcos A. M. Vieira

Underwater wireless sensor networks are important tools for data collection applications in underwater environments. These networks face different challenges from their terrestrial version, such as high communication delay, restricted amount of energy and high energy consumption. Topology control solutions can be beneficial to these networks since they can, among other things, save nodes energy and thus improve network lifetime. In this work, we present topology control in underwater wireless sensor networks through the use of cellular automata. We designed three solutions (TCA, TCA-F, and TCA-R) that use the concepts of cellular automata to control the topology of a network. Simulations show that the solutions are able to extend the lifetime of a network while ensuring a proper space coverage over the time. They also show how the choice of values for the parameters of each solution affects their performance.

Keywords: Underwater sensor network, network topology, cellular automata, topology control solutions, simulation

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