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Encryption Technique with Programmable Cellular Automata (ETPCA)
Petre Anghelescu, Silviu Ionita and Emil Sofron

In this paper, we present a novel cryptosystem based on programmable cellular automata (PCA). The cryptosystem is featured by its large key space and high speed due to cellular automata’s parallel information processing property. Moreover, the encryption and decryption devices share the identical module, which preserves the merit of local connection of cellular automata in both encryption and decryption devices. So the scheme could be implemented efficiently in hardware. The design has been implemented in both: in software using C# programming language and in hardware on a XC3S400 FPGA board using VHDL. We apply such system in encryption of medical data sent over the internet and Yahoo messenger conversations.

Keywords: Cellular automata, programmable cellular automata, cryptography, chaotic dynamic systems, reconfigurable hardware systems, FPGA.

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