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Book Review

Andrew Wuensche. Exploring Discrete Dynamics. Luniver Press (March 15, 2011) 538 pages.

I have been using DDLab now for the past several years as a tool to assist in the analysis of Boolean network models of biological systems, including gene regulatory networks. In an arena full of toolboxes and small applications written haphazardly and often for single projects or applications, DDLab is a refreshing resource to turn to for several reasons:

  1. DDLab’s feature set is so comprehensive that even after years of use, there are many areas I’ve yet to explore.
  2. Longevity: Due to years of refinement by Andy Wuensche, I know that DDLab has the most efficient representation of data and most efficient algorithmic execution possible.
  3. Support: Andy has always given generous, prompt attention to emails regarding DDLab.

While I do write custom software for many of my projects, I find myself turning to DDLab time and time again not only to verify my results, but often to explore them even further. With the release of Exploring Discrete Dynamics, every user now has the ability to enjoy DDLab to the fullest.

Michael Verdicchio
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina

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