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Pedestrian Flow Modeling using Cellular Automata Based on the Japanese Public Guideline and Application to Evacuation Simulation
Shigeyuki Koyama, Nobuhiko Shinozaki and Shin Morishita

Pedestrian flow modeling algorithm using Cellular Automata (CA) was proposed and evacuation simulation was conducted. In this CA model, two types of personal space and transfer probability were introduced as the local neighbor and transition rules. Performing several one directional flow simulations, the parameters introduced in CA model were evaluated and to show good agreement with density-velocity or density flow rate diagram prescribed in the Japanese Public Guideline for evacuation. A desirable crowd flow state was simulated also around a T junction. As case studies, evacuation phenomena from a room with several exits were simulated and the evacuation time was compared with simple calculation based on the Guideline. Furthermore, the evacuation from three rooms with a common pathway and a stairway was also simulated. The results showed that it might need more evacuation time than a simple calculation based on the Guideline because of the jam on the pathway just in front of the exit of rooms.

Cellular automata, evacuation, modeling, crowd flow, flow rate, pathway, stairway.

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