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Adapting Social Distances Model for Mass Evacuation Simulation
Jaroslaw Was and Robert Luba

The authors describe a new Cellular Automata (CA) model of pedestrian dynamics, based on a more detailed representation of space, combined with floor fields approach. Instead of the classical representation of a pedestrian in CA crowd models, as a state of 40cm x 40cm square cell, the authors use an idea of local configurations of neighboring cells sized 25cm x 25cm as a pedestrian representation (the representation is taken from Social Distances Model). The authors propose new transition rules of the cellular automaton on the basis of static and dynamic floor fields. The presented model allows for efficient, real time simulation of evacuation of large facilities using more detailed representation of spatial relations and density fluctuations than classical CA models.

Keywords: Pedestrian dynamics, crowd model, evacuation model, social distances model, proxemics, cellular automata model of crowd, crowd density, pedestrian representation, floor field model

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