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Leakage Squeezing Using Cellular Automata and Its Application to Scan Attack
Sandip Karmakar and Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury

Leakage squeezing is a new proposal for preventing side channel attacks mainly power analysis attacks of cryptographic implementations. It is reasoned that codes are important for leakage squeezing. But it is necessary to have certain cryptographic properties in leakage squeezing functions as argued in this paper. In this paper we analyze certain Cellular Automata (CA) configurations towards leakage squeezing.We show that certain nonlinear CA configurations have those cryptographic properties and thus are suitable in leakage squeezing applications. We also propose a new leakage squeezing scheme that uses encryption. This encryption based leakage squeezing generates masks using some symmetric key encryption process. It is demonstrated in this paper as well that scan attack on AES can be resisted using leakage squeezing.

Keywords: Leakage squeezing, cellular automata, nonlinear cellular automata, hybrid nonlinear cellular automata

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