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A rare case of acute abdomen: torsionated ovarian myoma
Ali Irfan Guzel, Ahmet Yalinkaya and Melih Alomeroglu

Ovarian leiomyoma is a rare ovarian tumor and also rare cause of acute abdomen. A 64 year old, postmenopausal woman applied to our clinic with severe acute abdominal pain. On abdominal examination, there were abdominal tenderness, defense and rebound. On ultrasonographic examination, we detected a 6 cm of pelvic mass. Because she had acute abdomen we performed laparotomy by midline incision and excised a 6 cm ovarian mass on right ovary. The mass had been reported as ovarian leiomyoma on frozen section by pathology department.

Keywords: Ovary, Leiomyoma, Abdomen, Acute

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