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Peripheral odontogenic fibroma: a rare gingival neoplasm with clinico-pathological differential diagnosis
Rajesh Kumar, Shradha Jaiswal, Aanchal Sharma, Vinod Andhare and Husain Sabir

The peripheral odontogenic fibroma (POdF) is a rare gingival neoplasm, characterised by relatively mature collagenous fibrous tissue and varying amounts of odontogenic epithelium. It can be described as a slow growing, firmly attached, solid and smooth gingival mass which may be present asymptomatically for years, which may cause displacement of adjacent teeth. The purpose of this article is to discuss a case of POdF, occurring in the maxillary anterior region, with detailed clinico-pathological differential diagnosis to clarify characteristic features of various gingival overgrowths to enhance easy identification.

Keywords: Peripheral Odontogenic Fibroma, Odontogenic Tumour; Odontogenic Fibroma; Ossifying Fibroma

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