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Immunostimulant and chemoprotective effect of vivartana, a polyherbal formulation against cyclophosphamide induced toxicity in swiss albino mice
Sadhana Gnanasekaran, Kunnathur Murugesan Sakthivel and Guruvayoorappan Chandrasekaran

The aim of the study is to develop a technology for cost effective immunomodulator from natural products to combat adverse effects during cancer chemotherapy. In the present study, the immunomodulatory efficacy of Vivartana, a poly herbal formulation in immunosuppressed animal model induced by cyclophosphamide (CTX) and its comparison with standard herbal immunostimulators Chyawanprash and Brahma Rasayana was investigated. The effect of Vivartana (500 mg/ (p.o.), Chyawanprash (20 mg/ (p.o.) and Brahma Rasayana (20 mg/ (p.o.) on hematological parameters, relative organ weight, Bone marrow cellularity and α-esterase activity were determined in Swiss albino mice by using the standard methods. Among the herbal formulations Vivartana showed the maximum number of leukocytes (13150 cells/mm3) on the 15th day. The leukocyte count in Vivartana treated CTX induced group shows significant increase (5375 cells/mm3) when compared with CTX alone induced group (3358 cells/mm3) on the same day. The Vivartana treated CTX induced group shows increase in the hemoglobin level compared with the CTX induced group. Moreover, Vivartana treatment prevented the loss of organ weight in the CTX induced group by the enhancement of spleenocytes on the 7th day and thymocytes on the 11th day. Similarly the lowered bone marrow cellularity and number of α-esterase positive cells in CTX induced group were restored in the Vivartana treatment. Treatment with vivartana also exhibits hepatoprotective activity by regulating the SGOT and SGPT levels in CTX induced group. The study indicates that Vivartana has the considerable potential as an immunostimulant and chemoprotectant against CTX induced immunosuppression in Swiss albino mice.

Keywords: Vivartana, Chyawanprash, Brahma Rasayana, Cyclophosphamide, Immunostimulant, Chemoprotectant

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