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Prevalence of quid-induced lichenoid reactions among western Indian population
Jitender Solanki and Sarika Gupta

Objective: Betel quid and areca nut chewing is widely prevalent in many parts of Asia and Asian migrant communities in the world. Due to the carcinogenicity associated with quid and areca nut we developed an interest to study the prevalence of quid induced oral lichenoid reactions in the population of western India.

Methods: A total population of 4981 males and females was screened for tobacco use and the prevalence of lesion in 86 quid users was seen. The lesions which met the selection criteria of oral lichenoid reaction were identified.

Results: Prevalence of 10.4% oral lichenoid reaction was seen in all quid users and 28.12% in subjects who used tobacco with quid. Statistical analysis yielded a high degree of correlation between occurrence of lesion and quid habit.

Conclusions: The clinician should be aware of the occurrence of such lesions and their associated clinical behaviour and malignant potential, if any. A close monitoring/ follow-up should be done.

Keywords: Tobacco, lichenoid reaction, oral cancer, prevalence

Funding: There was no Finical support from any source

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