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Dr. Samokhotskiy’s method of healing inflammation by the analysis and regulation of blood electrolyte balance
Vadym V. Bacherikov and Valeriy A. Bacherikov

An overview of a little-known method, which was discovered by Dr. Alexander S. Samokhotskiy, for treatment of gangrenous, traumatic, and postoperative inflammation, sepsis and some other diseases, was represented. Dr. A. S. Samokhotskiy carried out numerous animal experiments and clinical trials and found that application of wet bandages and/or intravenous injection of solution containing trivalent chromium ions (Cr3+), alum, resorcinol, sodium salicylate, lactate buffer, colloidal sulphur, thioglycolic acid and glutathione with adding KCl, MgCl2, CaCl2 or NaCl solutions can heal inflammation of various etiology. Intravenous injections of particular therapeutic solution containing Na+, K+, Ca2+ or Mg2+ ions were administered in dependence on concentration of these ions in patient’s blood plasma. Thousands of patients, many of them with fatal afflictions, where other methods were helpless, were healed by Dr. A. S. Samokhotskiy with the help of his method. Purpose of this publication is to inform the international medical community with the Dr. A. S. Samokhotskiy’s discovery and initiate further research in this area.

Keywords: Trauma, Sepsis, Gangrene, Inflammatory Disease, Non-antibiotic Treatment, Blood Electrolyte Regulation, Electrolyte Balance, Trivalent Chromium

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