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CLINICAL REPORT: Cystic lymphangioma of the lesser omentum in a pregnant woman: a case report and review of the literature
Ozhan Ozdemir, Mustafa Erkan Sari, Cemal Resat Atalay, Yüksel Kurban, Vusale Asgarova and Devrim Tuba Unal

Lymphangiomas are rare benign tumors which are generally seen in pediatric population and the etiopathogenesis has not yet been understood. They occasionally occur in the head and neck or axillary region with only 5% of them being located in the abdominal or mediastinal cavity. These tumors may be asymptomatic or may cause acute abdominal symptoms due to the location and extention. In the English literature, only 4 cases of lymphangioma were reported to have occurred in the pregnancy period. Herein, we report a case of cystic lymphangioma of the lesser omentum detected incidentally on the ultrasonogram of a 21 year-old, 26-week pregnant woman. The patient was followed up uneventfully during pregnancy. Caesarean section was performed due to transverse presentation of the fetus, and the tumor was completely resected during the same session. The patient is recurrence-free after 1 year of postoperative follow-up.

Keywords: lymphangioma, cystic, pregnancy

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