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Evaluation of efficacy of 1% Crystal Violet & Nuclear Fast Red stain compared to Haematoxyline & Eosin stain for assessing mitotic figures in oral premalignant and malignant lesions
Gauri Motiwale, Shradha Jaiswal, Ashok Vikey, Tejas Motiwale, Bhupesh Bagulkar, Atul Bhat and Prakhar Kapoor

Various chromosomal arrangements in cells undergoing division are referred to as Mitotic figure (MF). The abnormal excess of mitotic figures is commonly seen in oral epithelial dysplasia (ED) and oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC). In present study, we compared the number of mitotic figures in normal oral mucosa, epithelial dysplasia & OSCC sections with haematoxyline & eosine (H&E) and 1% Crystal Violet & Nuclear Fast Red (CV&NFR) stain, also the efficacy of the CV&NFR stain as compared to H & E stain. We investigated the correlation between the number of mitotic figures & grades of OSCC. Study sample comprised of two serial sections of archival blocks of normal oral mucosa & diagnosed cases of epithelial dysplasia & OSCC. One slide stained with H& E & the other one with 1% CV & NFR. Mitotic figures were counted with the grid eyepiece. There was significant increase in number of MFs in oral ED and OSCC in comparison with normal oral mucosa. There was a highly significant increase in number of MFs in CV&NFR stained tissue sections when compared with H & E stain. Metaphase is the most commonly observed phase of mitosis. In summary, our study proposes the use of Crystal violet & Nuclear fast red stain as a selective stain for better contrast & easy identification MFs.

Keywords: mitotic figures, crystal violet, nuclear fast red

Abbreviations: epithelial dysplasia, ED; oral squamous cell carcinoma, OSCC; crystal violet & nuclear fast red, CV𝔫 mitotic figures, MF; hematoxyline & eosin, H & E.

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