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Osteosarcoma: A diagnostic dilemma
Swati Pant, Swati Tripathi, Ramakant Dandriyal, Madhusudan Astekar and Atul Joshi

Osteosarcoma is a primeval disease which is still partly understood. It is a malignancy of mesenchymal cells that have the capacity to generate osteoid or immature bone. There have been an abundance of debate and controversies about the nature, aggressiveness, behavior, and various treatment modalities of this entity. Different histologic variation has been common in osteosarcoma; hence multiple diagnostic approaches are vital in all cases. Detection of precise anatomic and histologic variants is of prime importance in view of better outcome. The purpose behind writing this case report was to highlight the importance of various investigation techniques for an affirmative diagnosis.

Keywords: Osteosarcoma, Malignancy, Immunohistochemistry, CD99, Vimentin

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