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Bidi smoking: an underestimated issue of Indian society
Solanki Jitender, Gupta Sarika, Prachi Sharma and Priyanka Mishra

Bidi smoking has always been an under-talked issue of Indian society. Bidis are rolled in tendu leaves which are non porous and have low combustibility due to which they affect the smoker’s lungs even more. In spite of the increased toxicology associated with bidis, they are often ignored. The reason for this can be attributed to their home-made production, decreased taxation and the greater prevalence of bidis in rural areas. Since bidis are rolled and packed at home, packaging does not have any warnings about the harmful effects of bidi smoking. Many cases of smoking-associated cancer have been recorded in the country lately. This raises a concern about the economic balance of the nation, as to whether there is a revenue generation with tax on the sale of tobacco or if there is an economic loss due to the various diseases that result from bidi smoking.

Keywords: Bidi, Smoking, Tobacco, economics, oral health, toxicology

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