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Role of oxidative stress in epithelial ovarian cancer in Egyptian patients
Asmaa Ramadan, Reda Hemida, Ahmed Nowara, Laila A. Eissa and Amal M. El-Gayar

Background: Ovarian cancer has the highest mortality rate amongst all gynecologic malignancies. 90% of the cases are epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC). Ovarian cancer associated with reduction in the serum level of antioxidants superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione peroxidase (GPX) and increasing in the serum level of Malondialdehyde (MDA).

Objective: To find correlation between oxidative stress and epithelial ovarian cancer.

Methods: In this cross-sectional study fifty-six female patients with EOC, twenty four female patients with benign ovarian tumors and ten healthy females were included in the current research study where serum level of SOD, GPX and MDA were measured.

Results: Levels of SOD and GPX were found to be significantly higher in benign group when compared with malignant group (P1<0.05). There was a significant negative association between malignancy and each of SOD and GPX (p<0.05). While there was a significant positive association between malignancy and MDA (p<0.05). There was a significant negative correlation between tumor stage and level of SOD and GPX (p<0.05). Moreover, there was a significance positive correlation between tumor stage and MDA (p< 0.05).

Conclusion: Patients with epithelial ovarian cancer has decreased preoperative serum level of SOD and GPX antioxidants and increased level of MDA. These findings were associated with advanced tumor stage. The study confirmed the role of oxidative stress in development of epithelial ovarian cancer.

Keywords: ovarian cancer, oxidative stress, SOD, GPX, MDA

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